Cathy’s passion as an advocate for the practical power of everyday VIRTUES is contagious!  Her presentations are packed with positive energy and essential information that resonates deeply with small groups of parents, grandparents and educators, or with large groups of professionals.

Cathy communicates with heart and humor that in every area of life… “VIRTUE WORKS!”


Cathy is a favorite presenter for professional organizations as well as parish based groups.  Watch Cathy’s presentation for the 2017 International Catholic Marketing Network Conference. “Meeting the Customer in Their Need. Exercising the Virtue of Empathy in Marketing and Merchandising”.

Click here to see Cathy in action at the 2017 CMN Conference.


Below is an excerpt from a gracious recommendation from the President of the Catholic Marketing Network.

“I am very happy to recommend Cathy Gilmore as a conference speaker.  She has been an invaluable asset in our speaker line-up for our Annual Catholic Marketing Network International Conference and Trade Shows. Cathy is always an eloquent, lively, engaging speaker that utilizes a high degree of interaction with the audience. In the past two years we found that our attendees loved her presentations.

Cathy’s presentation proved to be the highlight of our retailer education day in 2016, so by popular demand we invited her to present again at our 2017 CMN Conference and Trade Show.  Once again, she provided an excellent presentation that was very well received. Not only is her energy on stage contagious but she couples it with her rare ability to train people.When we asked the event participants who was one of their favorite presenters, it was Cathy Gilmore.

One of our attendees added that “Cathy was one of the most inspiring speaker I have ever heard.”

No doubt we will invite Cathy to do more presentations in our training program.  We look forward to seeing what new and fresh ideas she has in store for our attendees!

In Christ,

Alan Napleton

Catholic Marketing Network, President

Here’s Alan Napleton’s CMN Recommendation Letter in in entirety.



The President of the Catholic Writer’s Guild gave the following endorsement, after Cathy’s presentation in which she described herself as “a midwife of the rebirth of Catholic Arts and Letters,” and proceeded to dress the part.  (CWG National Conference, Chicago, 2017)

“The Catholic Writers Guild is pleased to count Cathy among our members and, especially, to have her speak about the power of virtue in the craft of storytelling. She is the first name that comes to mind when I’m asked for speakers that are passionate about their subject. Cathy knows her stuff and–more rarely found–she can express it in a memorable way.”

-Joe Wetterling, President, Catholic Writer’s Guild


Cathy is an active member of her parish, using her creativity to enrich parish life. Her pastor’s  Letter Of Good Standing includes concrete ways in which she generously does so. The letter concludes:

“Cathy is extremely devoted to her Catholic faith and to her desire to create a more virtue-based world. Her passion, humor, and practical ways to incorporate virtue into the center of everyday life are contagious and will be appreciated by all who hear her.”


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Choose one of the topics below or contact Cathy to create a presentation that fits your needs.

Cathy is an effective presenter for all ages:

In addition to her customized Professional Business presentations, she offers engaging ADULT and EDUCATOR Presentations:

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Looking to inspire hope in mothers and grandmothers who desperately long for a way to connect with and be a spiritual mentor to their teen and pre-teen daughters and grand-daughters? Let Cathy show your group how the Totally Feminine Genius Book Club can be the secret weapon to help stem the tide of young people who attend 12 years of Catholic education and then abandon the faith.


“VIRTUE WORKS! The Power of Parable”  Cathy reveals the hidden secret to ignite Virtue works logo (2)a living faith that is energized with holy virtue. Educators, parents and grandparents appreciate Cathy’s simple keys to understand and WIN the tug-of-war between virtue and vice in the children and teens they love. VIRTUE WORKS! offers the each participant common-sense insights how virtue operates in the human personality. Your audience will discover that harnessing the power of virtue can be as simple as reading a fun book or watching an action movie. 




Virtual Fitness cover“VIRTUE-ALL FITNESS” Cathy, as a virtue fitness instructor, uses humor and hands-on materials to show us  that exercising virtue is the core strength of who we are. Cathy teaches you how to unleash the power of your virtues from the VICE grip of FEAR with Virtue-ALL Fitness V-TOX, and from the VICE grip of PRIDE with Virtue-ALL Fitness EXTREME V-TOX. This unforgettable event is a lively reminder that God’s grace enables each of us to conquer moral flabbiness and the emotional obesity of selfishness in a thousand simple choices. This presentation is great for adults and also for teens.

ADVENT: “Come to the Manger” Cathy’s Advent meditation, combining the writings of holy mystics and Cathy’s own experiences, brings each character in your Nativity scene to life like never before.   Perfect for an Advent Tea or “Advent By Candlelight” events.

LENT: “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear” How to give up worry, stress and anxiety for Lent. Leave it all at the cross and embrace the Risen Jesus who fills us with JOY surpassing any circumstance. This talk emphasizes how God’s MERCY reaches beyond both our sins and our fears. His love and forgiveness unlocks the holiness and virtue that we long for and that God meant for us.

Cathy_Portrait_SmallFile_WideEndearing Student Programs:

CONFIRMATION STUDENTS:  Spiritual Gifts: Your Tools For Growing Tasty Spiritual Fruit.  Personal stories and hands-on activities to help students understand that the Spiritual Gifts are the key to true success in life. God needs the creative talents of the next generation to build His kingdom and bring light to our culture! (7th-8th grade)

PRIMARY GRADES: “Holiness & Virtue : Read it! Write it! Live it!”  Cathy helps children discover that virtue grows from the “inside out”. Virtue needs to grow in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and decisions before it flows genuinely into our actions.

Part One “Read it!”: Cathy invites students to choose virtuous reading to be holy and strong on the inside.

Part Two “Write it!”: Cathy instructs students in creating virtuous stories of their own to inspire others on the inside.

Part Three “Live It!”: She then connects the dots showing that what is inside enables us to live with holiness and virtue (aka: as saints) on the outside! (3rd – 8th) 

ADVENT: Little Lamb Finds Christmas Storytime. Author Cathy shows that Jesus’ birthday is the most special part of Christmas. Children learn about the gift of Christmas PEACE as they get active as lions and lambs. Cathy’s  original songs and activity pages extend the children’s spiritual delight. (PK – 2nd Grade)

LENT: Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day Storytime. Children love the way this story’s Easter Bunny shows children that the best JOY of Easter is Jesus! Children find comfort knowing Jesus can take their fears away. With songs and action, Cathy transforms children into pretend “Easter Bunnies” who can share the sweet love of Jesus with everyone!  (Pk – 2nd grade.)