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Cathy's blog is all about the POWER of Parable! Virtue Ink invites everyone to choose entertainment that edifies: books, movies and other media that build faith & virtue on the inside so that we live lives of virtue on the outside.

Click here to see a video that shows Cathy's passion to inspire and energize souls through faith and virtue filled storytelling.

Spreading Jesus' JOY!

IMG_1114   Cathy can inspire  heartfelt faith in children at your school, pre-school or homeschool group. Pre/K children enjoy story time, activities and songs. Primary students like following the process of bringing a bunny or little lamb to life. Cathy challenges older students to transform culture through creativity that uses spiritual gifts to grow spiritual fruit.

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2 Fresh Ways to Love the Gospel!

Easter Bunny's Amazing Day

Easter Bunny's Amazing Day is the story that helps children discover that the best JOY of Easter is Jesus!  A frightened little bunny shows that trusting in Jesus can take all our fears away. Click HERE to get yours!

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In Cathy's award winning book, Little Lamb Finds Christmas we find that even if we feel lost or alone, Jesus' love can do miracles! Click HERE to get your lamb!

Inspiring Child-like Faith

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Cathy's unique ability to engage both adults and children flows from an articulate, enthusiastic faith that knows how to smile.  Cathy's special mix of inspiring stories, humor and heartfelt honesty is a light that shows us how to live the Catholic Faith with JOY!

Listen for yourself!

Here are a couple of Cathy's interviews with

Relevant Radio's, Wendy Wiese

and Covenant Network's. Debbie Schlaprizzi

God tucks great power in Parables.
Cardinal Dolan and Sister Rosario and Laurentia

Living Parables That Would Make St. Patrick Smile

God tells an amazing story through each of our lives. I have had the honor that my life has intersected with people whose stories are epic tales. Recently, I have been struck by the magnitude of God’s spiritual serendipity during the retirement festivities to honor Sister Rosario Delaney and Sister Laurentia Cusack as they prepare
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Celebrate Pentecost! The Birthday of the Church

The 50 day celebration of Easter is completed and closed with a tremendous feast. PENTECOST. The reality of what happened at Pentecost truly rivals Christmas and Easter in spiritual significance. It’s when God-with-us became God-in-us. Let’s face it however, Pentecost is sort of a forgotten holiday. For most of us, it’s just another nice Sunday. But this is
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Our Souls are Hungry for Virtue

Consuming faith and virtue filled media evangelizes the imagination, reaching the heart, where the goodness, truth and beauty of God can be discovered anew. Let’s acquire a taste for virtue.

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Genuine Spiritual Saltiness

    In the biblical phrase from Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth,” Jesus calls us salt. In a good way. We are meant to be the ingredient that makes another substance palatable and tasty to someone else. God’s life and love is the substance. When our faith is expressed with sincerity
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Lent: A Virtue Spa for the Soul

Have you ever wondered how Lenten sacrifices “feel” to your soul? What might feel like a privation to us is actually a VIP (Very Important Pampering) Treatment for our souls. Think of it like this. On Ash Wednesday we allow Jesus to welcome our soul to the forty day spa experience with some natural palm
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Follow Hansel and Gretel to a Heavenly Home

Modern movies, TV and children’s books abound with freshly re-imagined versions of classic Fairy Tales. I’d like to offer a spiritual lens for a fresh look at a particularly disturbing fairy tale: Hansel and Gretel. That story has never been one I particularly enjoyed curling up and reading to my children.  A young boy and girl
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Offer Your Morning and More to Jesus

  The Morning Offering is one of the most powerful prayers you can ever pray. Why? Because it literally makes every part of your day that follows an offering to God. Are there times you might have a opportunity for a sacrifice and you forget to do so? Bam. With a Morning Offering, you’ve got it
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christmas lights

We’ll Leave the Light On

There is such a universal appeal in the twinkle of Christmas lights.  Many businesses and shopping districts keep white lights twinkling year round. However, the tiny lights in rainbow colors have a uniquely Christmas vibe. I’m struck by the way that we can only appreciate the twinkle of a Christmas light in the midst of
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More than the FORCE is With Us

Why is America having so much fun with the newest Star Wars film? The FORCE that beckons us is perhaps a hunger for something eternal expressed in an epic story. The power of the Star Wars parable is undeniable. Of special note is the way it draws the hearts of fathers and sons together. The
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12 days of christmas music sheet

The Days of Christmas for the Year of Mercy

My son has just completed a project for school. He was writing a creative essay for a contest on the topic of: “What Would Jesus Do This Christmas Season?” He and I sat together at our kitchen table and discussed the question in light of the upcoming Year of Mercy, the Corporal and Spiritual Works of
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