Virtue Can Superpower Giving Tuesday and Beyond

Giving Tuesday, and similar generosity initiatives, offer us awesome ways to build awareness and support for so many organizations that work to save lives, feed children, protect our planet and more. I’d like to humbly suggest that supporting VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is actually a tremendous way to help ALL of them. I know. It sounds crazy. However, by cultivating selfless virtues in our imagination, intellect and behavior, we become more equipped and more disposed to help every other cause more often and with more consistent results. Virtue is what empowers people to save whales and save babies. Virtue is what will end homelessness and end sex-ploitation. Virtue will feed starving children and refresh a poisoned planet.  Virtue is the answer to all of the problems we face. Virtue is God’s gift of grace to heal the world.


You can be part of the non-profit ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA, whose efforts motivate children and adults to be more honest, kind, industrious, peaceful, humble and generous. These traits are the substance of the strong character and leadership we long to build in each of our children. Current culture tempts everyone toward selfishness, including dishonest and self-serving intentions that can poison even the behavior that appears good. You can help provide the antidote for the poison: virtue. The VWM goal is to transform the “selfie” era into a self-giving era. Today many people are losing hope that humans possess a collective capacity for true goodness. Thanks to your generosity, we can work together to shine the light on the truth that God hardwired each one of us for virtue and all its benefits.



Your gift will make VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA happen:

Make your check for $10, $25 or more, payable to:


Mail your check to: Virtue Works Media,  Attn: Executive Director, Cathy Gilmore

219 Westridge Parc Lane /  Ellisville. MO 63021

Please include an email address.

We will email you our thank you, then we won’t spend any of your donation on postage/printing to do so. (We promise not to sell your info. or use it for spam.)


Supporting this ministry right now involves a little heroic virtue in that you’ll be writing and mailing an actual check and not just clicking to give. Also, we are seeking smaller donations that people are willing to give without expecting a tax write-off this year. You can rest assured that we are an official non-profit organization with a great board of directors. We have filed for 501c3 tax-exempt charity status from the IRS and anticipate approval in early 2018.  Contact us at to plan for a larger gift. Join the ranks of virtu-niacks, virtu-vinators and virtue HEROES. Whatever you want to call yourself, you’ll be part of a team, a tribe, a movement, to restore society and save souls…and do it with something as simple as a story.



Our media saturated culture continuously live streams news stories about people behaving badly: sexual misconduct, political corruption, murder and more.  The storytelling in our reading and entertainment presents a 24/7 smorgasbord of content that normalizes pride, avarice, laziness, anger, envy, and lust. Yet, it is everyday virtue that can reboot not only the media and entertainment we consume but also the real-life behavior habits in our kids and in all of us.


Contrary to popular belief, virtue in reading and entertainment is NOT boring. Books and movies like UNBROKEN and Horton Hears a WhoLife is Beautiful, Little Boy and Veggie Tales, offer fabulous quality and enrich the soul! Those are just five examples. There’s a mountain of good stuff flooded under a tsunami of more noxious fare.  The need could not be more urgent to create an online platform providing information about and simple access to the reading and entertainment where: “It’s ALL good!”.


You Can Be a Co-Founder


Your gift will make you a co-founder of this important ministry start-up. Big budget organizations like the Motion Picture Association (that determine the MPAA warning-based movie rating system) function as a public service but the values of faith and virtue are not a priority for them.  All the online shopping and search mechanisms use machine based algorithms that offer easy accessibility to content that contains incest, occult, and deeply violent themes side by side with with what is noble and wholesome. This accessibility creates an impression of all as morally equivalent. On the internet, everything is just a matter of “preferences”.  Virtue Works Media will revitalize the notion of common decency by intentionally limiting what we give access to. We do this with consistent standards that are simple and presented in a fun and enjoyable way.  (Here’s a LINK that explains a little more about the 30 Everyday Virtues™ that are used in our virtue rating system.) We will run a tight ship financially to offer families essential tools to joyfully guide children toward noble character and servant leadership in their behavior.


Virtue works logo (2)The mission of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is to redirect our reading, media and entertainment habits toward true goodness. I’m convinced, this mission is the missing key to making our moral education and faith development efforts become vastly more effective. It’s not like there aren’t enough religious and educational organizations teaching about how to be good and what true goodness is. It’s just that, as a society we’ve lost our desire for it. Bombarded 24/7 by advertising-driven media, our internal habits are now too often enslaved by appetites of personal pleasure, self-indulgence, and self-protection. A huge number of kids now disconnect from God by about age thirteen and don’t see the value of any goodness that isn’t yummy or easy. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA promotes the internal freedom and joy of self-mastery.


How Do We Make a Lasting Difference?


So how will VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA simply and effectively unleash the power of virtue to transform lives and renew culture? Here is a link to a video that gives you a taste of the power of what we’ve got planned. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA VIDEO

mobile phone with the word love



We promote positive behavior through consumption of positive reading and entertainment.

We have developed a unique virtue-rating system that rates media according to positive content.

We are building a support system that will be especially helpful to parents, grandparents, and teachers by offering on-line faith and virtue formation tools that are simple and practical.

We will offer an easily-searchable platform that offers information about only the truly good stuff, eliminating the hassle of wading through the entertainment muck to find a gem.




We are not here to bash, ban, or boycott bad reading and entertainment. We will shine a bright light on works that possess both moral and production/literary quality. We will overcome evil with good.

We are not just some religious thing. We will promote great virtuous content from both religious and non-religious sources.  Our contributors are a tribe of folks who adore Christ, love our kids and are determined to make virtue the new standard in entertainment. Virtue is practical, personal and powerful. It reaches far beyond pulpits and pews.

We are not here to duplicate the efforts of others. We don’t do extensive book and movie reviews.  Our assessments will be short and sweet, linking visitors to the in-depth reviews posted by others.


You Can See it. The Need is Urgent


three children's handsSoaring rates of suicide, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, predatory sexual behavior, and violence are evidence of the struggle we have in raising kids amidst a pandemic of soul sickness. A self-destructive moral destitution infects our boardrooms, newsrooms, bedrooms, and playgrounds.

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is a substantive solution to the problem of spiritual poverty. Your financial support will make a huge difference, perhaps eternally, in so many people’s lives.

This article’s title gives gentle reference to the beloved Toy Story movie hero, Buzz Lightyear and his tagline, “To infinity and beyond!” It is a reminder that virtue is the true super-power that can make our kids, and all of us, real life super heroes. Together…with faith and virtue as our call to action, we can truly be the Justice League and the Avengers serving God and each other. With God’s grace we can save the world.


Thank you in advance for being a financial contributor to this important effort! (on a Tuesday or anytime 😉 )



Cathy Head shot open smileI’m Cathy Gilmore, an award-winning author, educator and VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Ministry Executive Director and Founder. We are pioneering an entirely new way to look at both print and visual media. Through the lens of virtue. This is the start of a movement in which educators and families can have clear rubrics and a dynamic platform that enables everyone to think about, enjoy and recommend quality entertainment that offers the soul satisfying content that is worth our time. We are what we eat. Inside and out. Let’s feed our souls the truly good stuff. Follow me on twitter @PowerofParable to get virtue-packed movie and book recommendations and more.

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I believe Jesus had the right idea. He spoke in parables. That wasn’t just for the folks in the first century. God can use the power of parable right now to reshape culture and renew the face of the earth.

Look for the Good. Offer it to everyone.