Turnip head bunny

Dear Grandpa Bunny,

What was it like when you apologized to your brothers and sisters? Did they even care?


Little Bunny



My dear Little Bunny,


You are so right!  You must know a lot about brothers and sisters.

They weren’t upset with me at all, which made apologizing to them very difficult!

They wouldn’t take me seriously. They teased me and called me “Pocket Bunny” and “Turnip head”  My big sister even created a picture of me with a turnip on my head.

I knew they were just being silly. And I had made up goofy names for them lots of times before, so I kind of deserved it.

To be honest, I was relieved that they weren’t mad. They actually said that they wouldn’t mind if I did it again sometime.  For them, it was a blast running around in the dark looking for me. It was like a huge game of hide-and-go-seek. For real! They were such kids. (But in my heart, I would have acted the same if I were them.)

But I assured them, as fun as it seemed for them…it was no fun for me. Nope. I wouldn’t be hiding from turnips or from any other problems again any time soon!  Hiding sweet surprises for others would be my plan from then on!

As I thought about it later, I wondered if God let me learn from doing the wrong thing, how to really appreciate the goodness of doing the right thing. There really was a lot more that went into becoming an Easter Bunny than I ever realized.

Finally, I did get my brothers and sisters to calm down long enough to let me really apologize. It was important to me to officially say it to each of them.  So, over and over, I said, “I’m sorry I hid. I’m sorry I worried you. I’m sorry I set a bad example for you. (Mama had me add that part).” Then they each very seriously said, “I forgive you” and patted my head…and rolled over laughing.

Tomorrow I can tell you how it went with the Chipmunk Family.


Grandpa Bunny