Lent with Grandpa Bunny and Me: Letter #1

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Experience Lent with Grandpa Bunnny and Me.  This is the first in a series of letters between Grandpa Bunny and a little bunny friend who is starting the period of 40 days of “training” to become an Easter Bunny. Little bunny will learn how to allow the JOY of Jesus fill his heart so that he can become an Easter Bunny. Many people do not realize that there is not just one Easter Bunny. It’s not just bunnies either. Children can be Easter Bunnies too. Anybunny who loves Jesus with all their heart can become an Easter Bunny! Come along and find out how.


Greetings Little Bunny!

Welcome to the start of your E.Bunny training! 40 days of special ways to become new from the inside out!

I know this is something you really want to do. Best wishes on your adventure!

I will write a letter to you every day with thoughts that I hope will help you understand how to share true joy.  When love and  JOY fills your heart, that is what makes you an Easter Bunny. Don’t be afraid of becoming someone new. Becoming an Easter Bunny is really just learning how to be you…only better!

I understand about being afraid of what is new or different. I used to be afraid of most everything and I could find a hiding place anywhere.  If you ever do get scared …watch out for fireplaces!  They are not good hiding places!  It takes days of rubbing and scrubbling to get ashes out of rabbit fur, not to mention the danger of someone trying to start a fire while you hide there.

Don’t worry if some of your friends might have ashes on their forehead on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean they hid in a fireplace. They just wear the ashes on this day each year to remind them that death is not the end for those who love Jesus with their whole heart. You may not know about Jesus yet. I’ll tell you about Him tomorrow.



Grandpa E. Bunny


(For some great bedtime reading, I recommend Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day.  It’s the story of the very first Easter Bunny by Cathy Gilmore and Carol Benoist.)


Lent with Grandpa Bunny and Me is a series of wonderful posts designed for a parent, grandparent or teacher to read aloud to a young child. Each short post fills a child’s imagination with a desire, not to receive something from an Easter bunny, but to become one by allowing the love and JOY of Jesus to fill his or her heart.

Each week of Lent has a faith building theme woven into the daily letters and stories shared by Grandpa Bunny. The themes are: Begin With Thankfulness to God , God provides our Help in Need, Adoration is Love Without a List, God’s’ Mercy can make us New again, Knowing Jesus Makes Everything Better, and Serving Others With Jesus’ JOY! Key words in each week’s themes form an acrostic: THANKS! Gratitude is the first prayer of young children and is at the heart of being good Christians…and good Easter Bunnies!


Lent with Grandpa Bunny and Me is created by Cathy Gilmore, the Co-author of the adorable Easter story, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day in which a tiny bunny learns that trusting in Jesus lifts our fears and fills our hearts with JOY!

Find out more about Cathy and her books at  www.catheringcgilmore.com

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