Dear Grandpa Bunny,

How did you make room for Jesus when you were preparing to become an Easter Bunny?

Love,   Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,


Well, I was enthusiastic about the whole idea and I did a lot. I decided to figure out what I loved the most, what I was the most grateful to God for, and make a really big sacrifice. My favorite treat was figs. It’s a small round sweet fruit that grows where I live. They don’t all fall off the trees at the same time, so I could usually find them all year round. I collected them. I had a BIG collection. I thought if Jesus could give His whole life, I could give my whole fig collection to Him.

First, I had a fig party for my brothers and sisters, my friend  Skirrel (My nick name for him since I couldn’t say squirrel when we first met) and my friend Lello bird (same problem with the name). We had such a feast! And quietly inside, I said to myself the whole time, “All for you Jesus.” It was great!

But there was a problem, I still had more figs! So I started hiding them as surprises! I hid my biggest one under my Papa bunny’s nose while he slept and when he woke up, he thought a beetle was climbing on him. He jumped so high and so hard that for a few minutes his head got stuck in the soft dirt of our burrow above him!  He wasn’t sure he liked my surprise, but he loved the fig. I got very good at hiding surprises. When I ran out of figs, I moved on to other things, flowers, turnips…you name it, and I hid it. I didn’t realize it then, but was great training for when I’d become an Easter Bunny.

Giving my treasures away…brought me so much JOY!  So, what do you think?

Do you have anything you can give away in order to give it to Jesus?


Love and figs,               Grandpa Bunny


For the big Bunnies…Activity Idea:  Sacrifice Jarjellybeans in a jar

Children can put a regular bean into a big family jar each day or several times a day. For each time they make a sacrifice or say a special thank you or act extra kind, they can add a bean to the jar. This can continue for all of Lent. On Easter morning they will discover that the love of Jesus has transformed the beans into jelly beans for all of them to enjoy!