Making Room in our Hearts – Grandpa Bunny Letter #2

Rabbit familyDear Grandpa Bunny,

What does Jesus have to do with becoming an Easter Bunny?

Love, Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,
Without Jesus there never could have been an Easter! And without Easter, there would be no Easter Bunnies!
Do you remember that for you Easter is about God’s love filling your heart? Well, for Jesus, Easter was all about giving all of himself: his life, his death, his resurrection…everything… so that God’s love could bring new life to everyone.  It’s such a great miracle that we bunnies help people celebrate it every year at Easter!

These 40 days of Lent are the time when we clear out space inside our hearts to make room for God’s love to fill us up.

It’s like when your mamma bunny cleans out your burrow in the Spring. During the Winter, we collect so much fluff and stuff in all the passages trying to keep warm and cozy that by January it’s almost impossible to move, right? Mamma cleans things out to make room for fresh food and fluff to keep us clean and comfy.

I remember once my grandma bunny started nudging a pile of fluffy trash out of our burrow…building up speed, nudging it faster and faster, picking up two of my brother bunnies in the pile for a ride. By the time she got to the opening, she, the junk pile, and my brothers erupted like a fluffy dirt volcano. They landed in a heap of laughter.

So, don’t worry about cleaning out your heart for Jesus. It just might be fun! Cleaning out our heart is about building better habits with our thoughts and actions. Is there anything you would like to give up to make room for something better?


Grandpa Bunny