“It’s All Good…Really?”

white dog with soldiers

Modern Culture offers us so many opportunities to develop heroic virtue. But let’s describe it in modern terms. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the superhero world with my 10-year-old son but I believe 21st century holiness needs a new lexicon. Something with a different vibe.

For instance, many people like myself often call themselves “reverts”. We are Catholics who were raised in the faith, who leave it and then later return to their roots. This variation on the word convert is fine but, I think those of us who do so in dramatic fashion perhaps need a new way to express it. At least in my case, God has done far more than return me to my original Baptismal design. Rather than being simply reset, or a revert, I like to think of myself as a supernatural cyborg. God has literally extended my abilities beyond my normal human limitations. I have capabilities that access God’s power that far surpass what I ever knew in my younger years. I’m still a long way from sanctity or bi-location but you can call me a Bionic Catholic. He has truly made me better than I was.

 Truth be told, my favorite movie heroine is Sarah Connor from the original Terminator movies. Years ago, I fearfully tried to raise my children to be prepared to make a difference in what may be a desperate future. Now, God has rewired my heart with Faith, Hope and Charity that casts out the fear. God’s amputation of fear in me is what makes room for real transformation…the superpower stuff.

Two key superpowers that make us saints are gratitude and sacrifice. When my attitude looks at life through that technologically advanced lens that shows more data about all I see and shows me, “It’s ALL Good!” it is something more powerful than the Hulk’s anger or Thor’s thunderous hammer. It allows us to rethink any difficulty in life.

Think of it something like this:

I had a good day…”Great! Thank you God!”


I had a disastrous day…”Thanks God, I’ll offer it as a sacrifice to you.”

It’s ALL Good.

I feel great…”Thank you God for my strength and health!”


I’m suffering a debilitating illness…”God, thank you for allowing me to offer my suffering to Jesus to save souls.”

It’s ALL Good.

This is what is so inspiring about wounded veterans who don’t let any adversity stop them. Their positive outlook is their superpower. We just need to apply that kind of positive energy in a spiritually sacrificial way too.

This thinking is a huge and profound paradox. As it becomes my complete operating system, I find more and more peace. I may still need a lot of upgrades, but God has not allowed me to self-destruct. He also did not just leave me at my restored factory settings either.

As our world seems often engulfed in the blazing explosions of spiritual destruction, I think God is tucking more and more of us Bionic Catholics into the rank and file of society, somewhat hidden, but ready to engage and save eternal lives as He initiates our up-link connections.

My prayer is that we will fully follow His prime directives.

However, there is even hope for the days that we don’t. Perhaps we turn and fearfully watch the destruction, even when God specifically told us to look ahead and trust in Him. Like Lot’s wife. She has gotten a bad rap for centuries but her fateful death has stood as a reminder of the obedience, even in small things, that we are called to. If we won’t be salt and light, It’s all good. God can make us a pillar of salt. An action figure: Cautionary Tale Series.

However, I prefer to become a living spiritual cyborg a little more each day, whose salt flows in sweat streaked spiritual muscles flexing in self-sacrifice. Eyes glowing with supernatural JOY!

Photo by: Carlin Leslie at DoD Warrior Games