Bunny with paws up

Dear Grandpa Bunny,

I love hearing about when you were young like me. I thank God for you too!

Do you have any more surprise thank you stories?

Love, Little B


Dear Little Bunny,


Well, there is one more.

By this time, my Grandpa Ben Bunny had heard about my thank you surprises and wanted to congratulate me on my efforts. He was proud of my sincerity, creativity and resourcefulness.  Those were big words which I think meant that he thought I was kind, and was doing a good job!

He said that what I was doing showed that I was learning a lot about being a really good Easter Bunny. That made me feel great!  Then he asked me to describe in the most basic way…what I’d been doing.

I said, “I’ve been going around for the last week saying, ‘Thanks!’ as a surprise to bunnies I love.”

He said, “Correct! And when you are an Easter Bunny, you will show love in surprises to bunches of bunnies and people, even children you don’t know, all on the same day. All because your heart is so full of love for Jesus that it just has to spill out on everyone else He loves!”

Grandpa Ben said that I was doing great with the loving kindness and surprises part but what I needed to build was some teamwork. To do such great good all in one day requires tremendous teamwork. He asked if I was up for a challenge.

I replied with a little furry paw salute, “Yes, SIR!”

He put me in charge, and encouraged me to develop the plan. I recruited all my brothers and sisters for what I called, “Operation Dandelion”.

I’ll tell you all about how it went tomorrow.

Are you planning some kindness surprises to do on your own?.  It doesn’t even have to be a thank you. It’s fantastic training for being an Easter Bunny.


Love, GPB


The creator of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is Cathy Gilmore, a native of St. Louis, MO and a married mother of three. Cathy draws inspiration from her experience with the Montessori-based children’s Bible study program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and from the writings of mystical saints.  She is the author of the endearing children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas and co-author of the book , Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, in which the Easter Bunny shows that “Jesus is the JOY of Easter!” Cathy’s passion is to cultivate each reader’s spiritual imagination through stories that touch the heart with the transforming love of Christ.