bunny and egg

Dear Grandpa,

I have another question… now people dye and hide eggs themselves.

How did that happen?


Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,


Well, that’s the rest of my Easter Egg story.

On that first Easter Morning in which the dyed eggs were left for children to discover, the bunnies  hid eggs all around and waited. The baby chicks were so excited. They got to help!  It’s like they got to be Easter Bunnies too!  The bunnies and chickies watched and held their breath. It was so hard not to “Peep!”

Would the children find the pretty eggs? Would they like the gift?

A little girl came out to play in her garden and found the first egg. She gently picked it up and cradled it in her hands. Loudly she hollered with delight, “Mommeeeeee! I found an eggeeeeee!” She carefully ran to show her mother, and they both enjoyed how pretty it was.

He mother said, ”Easter is full of surprises!”

The little girl replied, “This is my Easter egg and I love it, Jesus gave it to me for Easter!”

He mother questioned, “How do you know?”

The little girl said casually as she walked away, “Because He loves me.”

That scene played out over and over. Children loved to discover the eggs hidden just for them. The bunnies and chickies were so happy that their friendship could spread more Easter JOY!

The children were delighted with the pretty colors, but they wondered what the eggs meant. They knew that sweets we left were to remind everyone of Jesus’ sweet love for them…but a colored egg, could it mean something more?

Even we bunnies had no idea if the eggs could express the deeper meaning of Easter. We just thought it was fun.

Then, Great Grand bunny watched as a wise parent sat down in the grass with his children and held one of the colored eggs and he explained it like this:

The egg reminds us of Jesus on Easter in a special way. The egg is a fun surprise, right?  On that first Easter, Jesus was the surprise!  Everyone thought He was dead, but he was alive again, right?  The eggs remind us that his love is always a surprise that brings new life!

He continued, “When we crack open the egg, it’s like we are opening the tomb and what do we find? We find real food inside. Jesus’ life is food for our souls, that we need so much, so that we can live forever… with Him!

The dad got even more excited, ” You know what else…..Finding the brightly colored eggs hidden in the grass reminds us to always keep looking for His love even when it might seem so hard to find!”

That was such a GREAT explanation!

We bunnies decided that Easter would now always include eggs, to be hidden, hunted and discovered by children, in order that the children could discover more special JOY hidden in Easter!
What began as something helpful and fun for us bunnies to do for and later, with, our friends, the birds…. has now become something so special for families to do. Now, people gather tons of yolk eggs from the chickens and dye and hide the eggs themselves.  They also now hide plastic eggs with treats or surprises tucked inside. The children even help do it sometimes.


We rabbits have very little to do with the egg dying these days. Mostly now we focus on our other surprises for the children.

I’m still amazed how the love of Jesus at Easter creates so many ways to share joy!


Love and surprises,



For the Big bunnies…

You can create a very special Easter Egg Hunt to do with your children that is packed with meaning and fun!  This set is like the popular “Resurrection Eggs,” but rather than focusing so much on the sad moments of Jesus’ passion, this hunt celebrates the JOY of Easter from Palm Sunday through Pentecost!  Your children can help cut out the pictures and tuck them into typical eggs and work as a team to place them together in story order and everybody wins!

Download and print out the…Egg carton cover

Jesus is the JOY of Easter Eggs 


Cathy bunny head shot (1) The creator of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is Cathy Gilmore, a native of St. Louis, MO and a married mother ofthree. The Grandpa Bunny Letters are inspired by Cathy’s love for JRR Tolkien’s wonderful, Letter’s From Father Christmas.  Experience with the Montessori-based children’s Bible study program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd gives Cathy a unique approach to writing children’s literature.  She is the author of the endearing children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas and co-author of the book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, in which a new kind of Easter Bunny shows that “Jesus is the JOY of Easter!” Cathy’s passion is to cultivate each reader’s spiritual imagination through stories that touch the heart with the transforming love of Christ.