Lello bird

Dear Little Bunny,


Here’s more of my adventure under a flower pot.

I prayed and prayed. I told Jesus that I wanted to know Him better and becoming an Easter Bunny was my greatest dream. I promised that if He would help me escape, I’d try to be the best Easter Bunny ever!

But my prayers were still full of fear. My heart wanted Him to prove His power and love. But nothing happened.

He had a big surprise for me.

Close to dawn, I realized something.  I didn’t need to promise Him anything. He didn’t make deals. He was with me and loved me; that was enough. My fear started to melt.

I saw something like yellow light moving over the hole in the pot above me. I thought maybe I was having a vision of heaven or God or Jesus.  Then a little yellow head with a beak poked in. It was my friend Lello Bird!  She recognized me! She said,” Hello! Whatcha doin?”

I answered, “I’m trapped!  I’m so hungry. Can you help me?” She was off in a flutter and brought her family and some food. They dropped bits of grass, leaves, berries.

When Lello dropped in a partly chewed worm, she said, “Sorry!  Oops! That was my breakfast…eat up if you like!” I didn’t like food that moved, but I was so hungry, I’d eat nearly anything. The worm went down.

The birds all got on one side of the pot and tried to tip it up and over. They succeeded in scooting it a tiny bit, but that was all. They just were not strong enough. Lello stayed with me while her sisters and parents went for more help.

Have you ever prayed to God and whatever problem you prayed about did not seem to get fixed right away?

That’s how I felt under that pot.

But I knew Jesus was with me, and obviously He sent my friend Lello to help, so I was thankful.

I just wondered how He was going to get me out.

The way He did it is the most surprising part of this story.

I can’t wait to tell you. Tomorrow.