Bunny on top of other bunny

Dear Little Bunny,


Here’s the rest of my story about my Papa bunny and the hawk.  Seeing him run so fast got my instincts in a rush and I took off running too.  The hawk was swooping down toward Papa. I ran right at him and we collided! The hawk misjudged the distance when we stopped so abruptly. It crashed into the ground about 1 foot ahead of us! We looked at the hawk, looked at each other and took off together in the opposite direction. We skidded into a hollow under an old tree stump.

Papa gasped as he tried to catch his breath, “Whhhat are you doing HHHHere?”

I scooted close and looked up at him, my eyes filling up with tears, “I wanted to follow you so I could thank you for being such a brave Papa!  I’m so sorry. I guess that was a silly idea.”

Papa leaned his head close to mine, “Foolish, yes! But I think God used you in a powerful way because you were here. You just saved my life!”

I whispered, “I did??!! Really?”

He continued sternly, ”Yes, I thank you my son…for saving my life. AND now you know why you are never to leave our garden without permission, correct?”

I said meekly, “Yes, Papa.”

But all I could think about was that Papa thanked me for saving his life!  Now that was a powerful thank you. I went out to thank him and he was thanking me! I thought…someone else needed a thank you too. I asked Papa if we could thank God for saving both of us.

He said, “I already did, but let’s do it again together.”

He started and I followed, “Thank you God, for saving us. Thanks for blessing us with your care, now and always. Amen.”

Isn’t that a great story? It’s my favorite thank you of all.

I thank God for you, Little Bunny, too!

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation and felt sure God got you through it? He always cares for us but in the times of big trouble or big trouble that is barely missed, we can feel it more.

Thank you God for being so good to us!


Love, Grandpa Bunny

A thought for the Big Bunnies…cultivating gratitude, and showing your little ones your example of it, is so important. Thankfulness is truly often the best foundation for generosity!