bunny with quail

Dear Grandpa Bunny,

Wow Grandpa Bunny! Your story about the turnip dinner disaster sounds a lot like some of the silly things I do. Thanks for teaching me about the importance of making things right. It makes so much more sense to me now.

I have one more question for you. I’ve  been wondering about this for a long time. How did the tradition of dying Easter Eggs different colors get started?


Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,


It’s actually a very interesting story. A long time ago, my Great Grand Bunny, had befriended a Quail family in a neighboring burrow.

Word got around that there was a fox in the area who was stealing quail eggs. The quail family was in great distress, so Great Grand Bunny, who was training to be an Easter Bunny and not a whole lot older than you, decided to help his friends.

You may have noticed that God gave the quail wonderful spots on their eggs to beautifully hide them in the grass, quail eggsrocks and reeds where they nest. But the fox knew what the eggs looked like and how to find them. The Quail were terrified to leave their nest even to get food to eat.  Great Grand Bunny offered to sit on the eggs while the quail family went out for food. While he sat there, he was kind of bored and had an idea.

You know about boredom, don’t you?

Some of the best ideas are discovered when you are bored.

Oh my, I must stop for today, I’ll tell you his idea tomorrow!


Wishing you lots of great ideas!

Grandpa Bunny


For the Big Bunnies…

This week the key word of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is “Know!” The theme is friendship.

Knowing Jesus is a great gift.  When we know Him and… know that we are known by Him, our life is truly bigger, stronger and better. We become capable of so much more than we are ever capable of alone. Friendship with Jesus enriches our life in ways that then enriches all the lives that we touch.

Each special friendship in our life is a glimpse of the everlasting friendship we can know with God.


The creator of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is Cathy Gilmore, a native of St. Louis, MO and a married mother ofthree. The Grandpa Bunny Letters are inspired by Cathy’s love for JRR Tolkien’s wonderful, Letter’s From Father Christmas.  Experience with the Montessori-based children’s Bible study program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd gives Cathy a unique approach to writing children’s literature.  She is the author of the endearing children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas and co-author of the book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, in which a new kind of Easter Bunny shows that “Jesus is the JOY of Easter!” Cathy’s passion is to cultivate each reader’s spiritual imagination through stories that touch the heart with the transforming love of Christ.