Modern culture can seem like a dark place, bereft of God’s goodness. We feel like all our reading and entertainment is saturated with sex, greed, envy, violence, profanity and laziness. We see the destructive power of depraved storytelling. Don’t forget…noble  and holy excellence expressed in narrative and visual media is tremendously powerful too. All of these stories are a powerful parables. Let’s put on a new set of glasses to look for, consume and promote books, movies and more that instill faith and virtue in us and the children we love.

I’m here to introduce you to authors, film-makers, publishers and retailers who all have one thing in common. They create and or distribute books or films that both entertain and edify. We are here to experience entertainment that is spiritually nutritious. If we cultivate our spiritual imagination through this kind of entertainment, we can hear God quietly saying, like the motel chain: “I’ll leave the light on for you.” You will take away tiny points of His light from each article on this Virtue Ink blog. This is the voice of the Virtue Works Media Ministry designed to equip parents, grandparents and teachers to guide young people to live with spiritually vibrant self-mastery.      (AKA: Holiness.)

Whoever you are, whatever your place in life, with the right point of view, you can see God’s affectionate providence in the seeming serendipity of every experience. God’s love is imprinted within every human encounter. Your life, my life, all life on earth, is each a precious passage in His story. The living parable of your life is inestimably precious to Him. Hang out here and I’ll do everything I can to help you see and appreciate the loving light of God in each situation and story. Especially when you feel like you are groping around in the dark.

How? Through building awareness of and intentionality with our tiny interior habits. The grace of God is internalized in us, not so much by what we know about God. Rather, the way His life and love is the touchstone we cling to a thousand times, in a thousand ways, each day builds our spiritual strength. Spiritual imagination is, I believe, simplest path and the surest portal to cultivate the habits of virtue, the thousands of tiny spiritually healthy choices, inside us. Reading books that paint virtue in word pictures in our minds and watching movies and TV that imprint virtue alive in our memories is extraordinarily helpful in this process.

 Virtue Ink is an effort to integrate

spiritual information with holy imagination 

providing REJUVINATION through storytelling

for weary and starving souls.

As a Catholic author, educator and ministry founder, I consider myself a midwife for the rebirth of Catholic arts and letters. These stories help us notice and appreciate our place within His story.

So whether you need to remember what virtue even is, or if you just need a reminder that blessings and strength are always hidden inside of each challenge or difficulty, I’ll be here.

Pointing us to the Big Guy. The Light. Salvation. You know.  Big “G”. Little “OH!” Little “d”. Yeah. Our Dad. He’s the one with the flashlight.

(I’m pictured above with children’s author Deanna Klingel, Click on her name and check out her books. They are wonderful.)