Cathy Pointing Pic
Modern culture can seem like a dark place, bereft of God’s goodness. But if we cultivate our spiritual imagination we can discover that God, like the motel chain, says: “I’ll leave the light on for you.”

I hope you will take away tiny points of His light from this Virtue Ink blog.

It is my JOY to offer spiritual encouragement. Whoever you are, whatever your place in life, I long to help you see loving providence in the seeming serendipity of chance encounters.  God’s love is imprinted within every human experience. Your life, my life, all life on earth, is each a precious passage in His story. The living parable of your life is inestimably precious to Him. Hang out with me and I’ll do everything I can to help you see and appreciate the loving light of God in each situation and story. Especially when you feel like you are groping around in the dark.

How? Through building awareness of and intentionality in tiny interior habits. The grace of God is internalized in us, not so much by what we know about God, but by the way His life and love is the touchstone we cling to a thousand times, in a thousand ways, each day. Spiritual imagination is, I believe, simplest path and the surest portal to cultivate the habits of virtue, the thousands of tiny spiritually healthy choices, inside us. Reading books that paint virtue in word pictures in our minds and watching movies and TV that imprint virtue alive in our memories is extraordinarily helpful in this process.

There will be times when my blog posts will offer snippets of whimsical inspiration that either appeal to the child in our hearts, whatever age we are, or they are practical and creative ways of living a joyful life guided by the light of faith. I have a special affinity for children’s literature, both creating it and recommending it. These stories help us notice and appreciate our place within His story.

So whether you just need a reminder that blessings are always hidden inside of each moment or you are looking for some other reason to smile, I’ll be here.

Pointing us to the Big Guy. The Light. Salvation. You know.  Big “G”. Little “OH!” Little “d”.

Yeah. Our Dad. He’s the one with the flashlight.