A Hands-on Advent Calendar Activity

Cropped Baby jesus pettingLion and lamb

Come to the Manger, and may you experience the “Peaceable Kingdom” during Advent this year!

With that hope in mind I have created this activity to help.

The daily countdown to Christmas is a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of anticipation for sincere spiritual growth. This is true for adults and can be especially true for children. Each Advent, children can be reminded that all mankind had to wait for what seemed like “forever” for Christmas to come.  The waiting for Jesus’ Birthday, like hunger before a banquet, makes the celebration all the more delicious.

This activity  helps us cultivate our spiritual anticipation by simply moving the figures of our nativity scene a step forward toward Jesus’ manger each day. The reflection offered in considering how we overcome obstacles, make steady progress, or make extra effort in giving Jesus spiritual gifts can make moving a little figure along a simple piece of fabric something profound.

When I wrote my story, Little Lamb Finds Christmas, with the miracles that happen when the little lamb, Lemi, finds and decides to remain with Baby Jesus, I wanted to create a simple and concrete way for parents and teachers to help children remember that Advent is all about finding our way to the manger and discovering the love of the little child who waits for us there. This activity I hope, will help you do just that.

The countdown to Christmas can truly be all about gathering gifts for Baby Jesus rather than creating and checking a list of what I want for myself. When my focus is on giving myself to Jesus through my prayers and my actions toward others, then He, the Prince of Peace, returns my gift with the best Christmas gift of all: PEACE in my heart and peace between me and all the others in my life.

Come to the Manger Hands-On Advent Calendar