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Children and adults enjoy Cathy’s presentations that are a down-to-earth dose of the divine. Her events offer a unique combination of insightful reflection and practical application. Her passion as a advocate for VIRTUE shines in everything she does. Look below to see some of the talks in which she offers spiritual encouragement to people of all ages.


“Cathy, you radiate Joy!” Comment by  Barb Ford, attendee at one of Cathy’s events

Click HERE to see a short video sample of Cathy’s presentation style.

Cathy has founded a ministry called VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA to develop innovative online tools to help millions of families grow in holiness and virtue through the power of storytelling. Please consider following this blog to stay informed and keep this powerful endeavor to make it easy to find and enjoy VIRTUE-rich books and media in your prayers. Look at a snapshot of just a portion of the Virtue Works! collection:Mosaic of books for all ages

Within the next few months you will be able to check the website for information and easy ways to help out financially. Starting a new non-profit ministry to renew culture through positive entertainment that affirms faith  and cultivates virtue, can’t happen without all of us teaming up together. For now, get a glimpse of what VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is all about by clicking HERE. To support this spiritually vital ministry in financial way, email your inquiry for further information to or you can send a check payable to:

Virtue Works Media at 219 Westridge Parc Lane, Ellisville, MO 63021.

(But back to what this blog is about….considering if you’d like Cathy to come personally to inspire your group.)

Cathy and Chris Smith's son (2)CHILDREN delight in hearing Cathy’s stories and faith filled enthusiasm.

Cathy’s Lent and Easter season author events often feature,  Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, the beautiful book that enables children to trust in the love of Jesus through the example of a frightened bunny. This IS the book that turns the iconic bunny of Easter into a beloved disciple of Jesus, brought to life by Cathy and her sister and co-author,  Carol Benoist.  You can get your own copy with this LINK.IMG_0842


Cathy helps children and adults prepare for and celebrate Easter in so many amazing new ways! Cathy has developed a myriad of activity ideas to bring the true meaning of Easter to life. She shows parents and teachers how to host a an Eggs-tra special Easter Event  in which each activity celebrates Jesus as the best JOY of Easter. From customized Easter egg hunts in which special eggs tell the story of Easter all the way from Palm Sunday through Pentecost to “Bunny Hop for Jesus” songs and games, Cathy can help you create Easter traditions that may hop like a bunny but always have the love of Jesus as the surprise inside.


Jesus, I TRUST in YOU Divine Mercy Prayer Activity is a special opportunity IMG_0694for prayer in which children are invited to give their own fears to Jesus and trust in His mercy and love to fill their hearts instead.You can download the Jesus, I Trust in You Divine Mercy Prayer Activity  here for FREE and try this activity at home or with a group at your church. Cathy has designed this activity to be done with or without her direct involvement. YOU can DO this!


IMG_0345Reading the story Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day is just the beginning of a memorable and meaningful event that, for those near the St.Louis area can include a visit by both co-authors: Cathy and her sister Carol Benoist. Children enjoy hearing what it’s like for two sisters to collaborate through the process of creating and publishing and marketing a book. Story time with Cathy or Carol always includes encouragement to give our fears to Jesus and to use our talents to serve God and to love each other.

Cathy’s wonderful First Communion preparation activity is a great way for 2nd graders to prepare to receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. With Eucharist, The Forever Easter Miracle,  Children are invited to reflect on the reality of Jesus in the Eucharist with a guided meditation using imagery from the book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day.

Eighth Grade students find age-appropriate practical inspiration that prepares them for Confirmation in: Spiritual Gifts: Your Essential Tools to Grow Tasty Spiritual Fruit. Cathy uses personal stories and hands-on materials to give students a deep understanding of true SUCCESS in life…using their talents to build God’s kingdom and grow strong in Christ!



Little Lamb Finds Christmas, Church or School Events are a wonderful wayaward sticker on book to prepare hearts for on the birth of Christ at Christmas. Little Lamb Finds Christmas is the holiday parable in which we experience the miracle of Christmas through the eyes of Lemi, a courageous little lamb, who finds that belonging to Jesus is the true joy of Christmas. His story helps us appreciate how the child born in Bethlehem brings the gift of peace to each of our hearts and among us all. You can get your own copy at this link HERE.

Cathy offers Advent story time in which children meet a soft stuffed Lemi who tells his story with a large stuffed Lion who becomes Lemi’s friend. Little ones learn to make Jesus’ birthday  the most special part of Christmas as Cathy reminds them to whisper, “Happy Birthday Jesus” to Him on Christmas morning. Children get involved by pretending to be lions or lambs as Cathy demonstrates that as we get close to Jesus, he brings us closer tLittle Lamb christmas play cast croppedo each other. Cathy’s, Little Lamb Finds Christmas songs and activity pages allow delight to echo in the children’s smiles even after Cathy leaves.  Ask about Cathy’s, Little Lamb Finds Christmasscript for your next Christmas program.

Cathy can help children prepare with eager anticipation for Reconciliation  with a special activity called: Finding Jesus!  This is the charming activity that walks children through the steps of Reconciliation based on the experiences of Lemi the lamb in Little Lamb Finds Christmas.


You can also schedule one of Cathy’s presentations for ADULTS:IMG_4492

“VirtueALL Fitness: God’s Recycling Program” is  a lively presentation, perfect anytime you want to think about God’s methods of spiritual re-invigoration and renewal. Cathy uses humor, hands on materials, and the writings of Caryll Houselander to remind us that God is the one who invented recycling: Reducing the toxins flowing into us, Reusing our gifts in new ways exercising virtue, and Recycling us to look and be more virtuous… like JESUS!

“Share your Faith with JOY!” Passing on the Catholic faith to children can seem like a daunting challenge in our current cultural climate. Cathy shows parents and teachers how to cultivate their own spiritual JOY… which is the magic bullet in teaching faith and virtue to our children.

“Perfect Love Casts out Fear”  Wondering what to “give up” for Lent? How about giving up fear, worry and stress? Leave them at the foot of the cross and experience the Resurrection in a new and personal way. Cathy will show you how to energize your Lenten resolutions with the power of childlike love.

“Come to the Manger” is a presentation  that brings each character in the Nativity story to life like never before. Cathy’s meditation based on the writings of visionary mystics will give you and your guests vivid and personal ways to reflect on the scriptures about the birth of Jesus during Advent.

Cathy can also customize a specific theme based on the needs of your group.

Email for more information or to discuss plans for an event with Cathy at your church or school.


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