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My Dear little Bunny,


Would you like to hear more of the story?

Once the eggs were all dyed, the fox did come by and the mother and father quail did their best to distract him and try to keep him away from the nest, but it was no use. He found it anyway. They watched and held their breath as he sniffed, and even licked, a few of their precious eggs.

Then, surprise!  He spat and  sputtered, snorted and stuck his snout in a puddle.  He shook his head and ran away.

Great Grand Bunny’s idea had saved the eggs!!!

Word got around and all the birds wanted to protect their eggs with the special colors. Great Grand Bunny found out the hard way that it had to be limited to birds that nested on the ground. He tried to hop into a tree once to help out a robin, but the bounce back down was brutal! Bunnies are furry and soft, but they can still get boo-boos. So the egg dying stayed on the ground.

The birds who didn’t nest in trees: the quail and pheasant, ducks, geese and chickens all wanted to try it. The birds created the colors and the furry bunnies painted it on.  Later, when the baby chicks hatched, they were so happy and proud of the way a little bunny’s idea kept them safe!  They all “Peeped!” their thanks in a downy cloud of soft heads and beaks that followed Great Grand bunny wherever he went. He was their…Hero!

Teamwork and friendship made wonderful things possible.

Coloring the eggs was so much fun to do, more and more animal friends were becoming part of the Easter tradition. Easter joy now was shared by the animal families as well as human families.  Each precious life was protected and celebrated everywhere!



Grandpa Bunny