2 bunnies

Dear Grandpa Bunny,

Adoration prayer works! I tried it. I went outside and thought carefully about how God made something… how it is cool and refreshing in the summer. How it sparkles in the sunshine. How it gurgles and giggles in streams. I thought how He made it to freeze in the wintertime and it’s a snowy blanket over us while we sleep. I thought about how He made it wet so we get clean and soft when we bathe in it. I thought about how He made us so we get thirsty for it and so we drink it to stay alive.

He planned all of it.  And that is just one of His creations!

Can you guess what it is? Did you guess? It’s Water!

God is good!!!  All the time!!!

Love, Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,


I have one thing to say…”All the time! God is  Good!!”

I liked guessing what you described!

You know how I love to eat. I’m such a nibbler. Sometimes I just stop and try to appreciate all the different kinds of food God has made for us! And how He grows so much of it!! Then it makes me hungry and I go and have a snack.

Well, a few mornings ago, I was thinking of God’s goodness in the food He made when daffodilsGrandmama Bunnny and I went out to get some breakfast. We came into a section of woods that we had not explored before and this is what we saw! The daffodils were magnificent! I forgot all about being hungry.  We had never seen so many all blooming together in one place! The whole field glowed with a golden light so beautiful we couldn’t stop staring.  The amazing thing about it was that there did not seem to be another soul around. Not a bird. Not a squirrel. No one. It was like God had prepared the beauty of these flowers as far as our eyes could see…just for us.  And we adored…not the flowers, but the one who made them.  It’s the best moment of that kind of prayer that I’ve ever known.

Now, I want to try your prayer of adoration with the water too!

You know…Just sitting quietly and thinking about how good He is in all the ways we can’t see, is adoring Him too.

He is delighted when we just take time to love Him for who He is…not for what He makes or what He can do for us.

I want you to think about something tonight when you say your bed time prayers…

When Mama Bunny comes to tuck you in at bedtime and gives you a big hug, and says she loves you…just because you are you, and that there is no one just like you!  In the ways of mammas, she adores you!

It wouldn’t feel so nice if she said she loved you because she was needing you to fix her broken beet basket.  Or what if she never said she loved you at all, but just listed all the things she wanted you to do for her and then kissed you good night?

I think sometimes that is what our prayers can feel like to God. Even as an Easter Bunny, with my heart so full of Jesus’ JOY!  I know I’ve prayed that way a lot…I need… Please, help… Please heal…Please give… Please bless.  He’s glad to help us, but sometimes that is our only prayer.

Let’s try to both pray each day to our beloved God with more love…and with less of a list!

Just to make Him smile, the way His love  makes us smile too!

Love and prayers,

Grandpa Bunny