Dear Grandpa Bunny,

Were you really safe in that hole? Did a snake live in there? What happened?


Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,


I held my breath once I dove in that hole.  I was squashed up against something furry. I looked up and saw two kind eyes and two huge teeth.  It was not a snake (Thanks to God!) It was Mister Gopher.

He said, ” Looks like you had a fright. Did ya pray?”

I nodded.

“Still pray’n?”

I nodded.

“Keep pray’n. Always.  Life’s frightful without it!”

I nodded and he gave me a hug  and a little gopher to bunny, paw to paw “high five” and sent me on my way.

I had been talking to Jesus so much through those scary moments, I kept on talking to him even afterwards. At first, I just shared my relief and thankfulness that I survived.  Jesus had given me just what I needed: Lello Bird to bring friends and food, a strong dog to lift the pot , speed to escape the strong dog and a kindly gopher to catch me in the end.

Then JOY started filling me up!  I kept thinking and thinking about how Jesus is always with me! I’m never alone! I don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore! And if I do get afraid, I can tell Him about it…and His love takes the fear away!!



Grandpa Bunny


Something for the Big Bunnies…

bunny high five

 The “High Five” Prayer:

This week Grandpa Bunny’s stories were all about prayer.  Here’s a technique of prayer that is easy and helpful to do with children. Lift their hearts to talk with God one finger at a time. Each digit on their hand is a category for which to pray.

It goes like this:


  • THUMB’s UP: Hold up a thumb to begin. Acknowledge how great and good our father God is and pray for God’s blessing on parents and grand parents.
  • POINTER: God bless those who lead, guide and protect us: Pastors and Protectors (Soldiers, Policemen, firemen) Teachers and Leaders.
  • MIDDLE: Hold up index, middle and ring fingers together. God bless our families and friends…thanking God for them and naming those in need as we like.
  • FOURTH: The weakest finger. Try to hold it out alone. It’s hard to do. God bless the poor, the sick, the weak.
  • PINKY: Hold up little pinky last. Ask for God to help and bless…me!

At the end, hold  two hands up in a high five pretending one hand is yours and the other is God’s and trust all your needs to Him.



The creator of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is Cathy Gilmore, a native of St. Louis, MO and a married mother ofthree. The Grandpa Bunny Letters are inspired by Cathy’s love for JRR Tolkien’s wonderful, Letter’s From Father Christmas.  Experience with the Montessori-based children’s Bible study program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd gives Cathy a unique approach to writing children’s literature.  She is the author of the endearing children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas and co-author of the book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, in which a new kind of Easter Bunny shows that “Jesus is the JOY of Easter!” Cathy’s passion is to cultivate each reader’s spiritual imagination through stories that touch the heart with the transforming love of Christ.