old bunnny

Dear Little Bunny,


When my Grandpapa Bunny suggested that I find someone who needed some comfort and compassion, I thought of someone immediately. There was an elderly bunny who several years ago had hopped too slowly to escape the heavy hoof of a galloping horse. Her left hind leg had been crushed and had never healed properly.

She was a tough old rabbit. She couldn’t hop. She had to just drag her hind leg along with her. Many other rabbits would have died from such an injury.  But she didn’t. Her name was Iris and she was not friendly, especially to bothersome young bunnies. (She thought all young bunnies were a bother.)

If anyone needed care in her suffering it was Iris.

When I first approached her, I just said, “Good morning!” and offered her an extra carrot I was carrying.

She barked back, “What is so good about this morning? I don’t’ need nuthin’ from nobody!”

I decided to keep being nice and said, “Have a nice day!” and went my way.

I became determined to make Iris smile. It was my goal.

She was lonely and grouchy… and she was lonelier because she was so grouchy! I was going to find a way to help her find a little JOY!

Sometimes I’d get up early just to scoot rocks out of the way to her burrow so she would have a smoother path to travel with her limp-y leg. Other times, I’d shake a berry bush behind her and rain berries all around her and sneak away before she could see me.

When I was kind to Iris, I whispered to myself, “A4UJ!” and pretended I was being kind to Jesus.

Are there any grouchy old Irises in your life?

How could you be kind to them?



Grandpa Bunny


For the Big Bunnies…

Here’s another coloring page to help little bunnies get ready for Easter. They can color a beautiful garden for the bunny or add Jesus with the bunny or even add grouchy old Iris Bunny with the Little Bunny as he trys to help her find some JOY!

Easter_Bunny_”Color Your Own Garden”_Coloring_Page

Cathy bunny head shot (1)The creator of the Grandpa Bunny Letters is Cathy Gilmore, a native of St. Louis, MO and a married mother ofthree. The Grandpa Bunny Letters are inspired by Cathy’s love for JRR Tolkien’s wonderful, Letter’s From Father Christmas.  Experience with the Montessori-based children’s Bible study program,Catechesis of the Good Shepherd gives Cathy a unique approach to writing children’s literature.  She is the author of the endearing children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas and co-author of the book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, in which a new kind of Easter Bunny shows that “Jesus is the JOY of Easter!” Cathy’s passion is to cultivate each reader’s spiritual imagination through stories that touch the heart with the transforming love of Christ.