Cathy Head shot open smileCathy is an author, educator and founder of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry.Cathy’s down-to-earth exuberance about the things of Heaven help everyone who interacts with her feel more hopeful about coping with the stuff of earth.

Cathy calls herself a Bionic Catholic: a”revert” to the Catholic faith for whom God’s grace has turned her brokenness into strengths. After being raised as a K-12 Catholic, she left the Catholic Church as an adult for about 5 years. She didn’t believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and felt she wasn’t being “fed” in the Catholic Church. She went to find a church where Jesus was living and active through the word of Godin a non-denominational Christian community and became bull-doggedly anti-Catholic.

Cathy’s personal Annanias who guided her rediscovery of the rich truths and traditions of Catholicism, was a Lutheran-Pastor-turned-Catholic-Priest convert who taught a course on Early Church history. His teaching gave her a new-found appreciation for the sacramental Church founded by Christ and for the spiritual giants upon whose shoulders the most ancient Christian Church rests.  Now Cathy pours her passion into helping parents, grandparents and teachers to be effective spiritual mentors to the children and teens that they love. She shows everyone how to cultivate the spiritual strength of virtue through a surprising means…the choice of books to read and movies to watch.

IMG_1114Cathy’s Books:


Cathy has witnessed first hand the power of storytelling. Her own inspiring and award-winning storybooks for children have touched thousands of hearts both young and old. Little Lamb Finds Christmas  is the holiday parable that tucks the LOVE of the Good Shepherd, the JOY of the Nativity and the MIRACLE of the Peaceable Kingdom into one charmingly illustrated book. Click on the title find out more and to get your own copy.


Little Lamb Christmas Songs

Cathy Has written 2 songs for children to sing at Christmas based on the book. Ba, La, La, Lamb of God (to the tune of Deck the Halls) and Jesus Came! (To the tune of Jingle Bells) Click here to see the article where you can download and print a free copy of each for Advent and Christmas fun with your children, grand-children or students.


Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, the story that turns Easter’s iconic furry “bunny” into a gentle apostle who shows that real JOY of Easter is Jesus! Co-authored with her sister, Carol Benoist, this Easter tale helps children learn to trust their fears to Jesus and appreciate His Resurrection in a whole new way.

Cathy’s ability to communicate truth in ways that make faith as simple and approachable as twitch of a whisker makes her an effective advocate for virtue with children and adults alike.

Click on the word interview to see a short interview with Cathy to find out more about why she creates her books.

A native of St. Louis Missouri, she is a married mother of three children who adores God, loves her family, and for whom animals and chocolate compete for her worldly affections.