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This Lent, a delightful lesson in virtue will unfold in my daily letters from a grandpa bunny to a little bunny about how to BE an Easter Bunny. No matter what age we are, we often learn best from memorable stories. Teachers, parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing the “Grandpa Bunny Letters” with their little “bunnies” to show children that the love and JOY of Jesus can fill you up and then…anybunny can BE an Easter Bunny! Being an Easter Bunny is all about surprising someone with a gift of love just like Jesus surprised everyone when He rose from the dead to bring us the JOY of life renewed.

Lent is a fantastic opportunity to create habits of self-denial and virtue. Finding a way to joyfully embrace the sacrifices required for growth is often the tricky part. Each week of the Grandpa Bunny Letters will have a theme that gently encourages hearts to do everything for Jesus…A4UJ (All For You Jesus!)  Choose the link subscribing to my posts to receive my daily Grandpa Bunny Letters and you will be part of a story that guides us through a of a Lent full of JOY!

Each post will open with a question or comment from “a little bunny” who is in training to become an Easter Bunny. Grandpa Bunny’s letter back will recount the elder bunny’s memories of when he was a little bunny learning to be an Easter Bunny for the first time himself.  The unique emphasis of the letters is a constant focus that learning to love Jesus with all our heart is what makes you an Easter Bunny!

In Week 1 the key word is, “Thanks!” with stories about fun ways to surprise someone with our gratitude.

In Week 2 the key word is, “Help!” and we see how God answers prayers in surprising ways.

In Week 3 the key word is, “Adore!” in which we appreciate how God surprises us with His beauty and love.

In Week 4 the key word is, “re-New!” because sorrow for our sins shows Jesus our trust and renews our hearts.

In Week 5 the key word is, “Know!” in which we see what it’s like to know God as a friend.

In Week 6 the key word is, “Serve!” because when we know and love God we want to serve Him by sharing his SWEET love with everyone!

The first letter of each key word spells: THANKS! because, “Thank you.” is the first prayer of young children and it is the place to always start in cultivating the child like faith that Jesus longs for from all of us. Wearing or giving someone “bunny ears” has always been fun. The “Grandpa Bunny Letters” tuck rich spiritual meaning inside the fun of pretending to be an Easter Bunny.  That way, everyone can celebrate the eggs and baskets and treats of Easter knowing that the love of  the risen Jesus is the surprise inside!

Easter Bunny's Amazing Day

You can also hop over to MyEasterBunny.org for the picture book, Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day, that tells of the little bunny who became an Easter Bunny on the first Easter when the love of Jesus filled his heart with JOY!

Illustration above from: Studies in English; Work and Play with Language (1917)