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Engaging Adult Presentations:

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“The Power of Parable: Why Virtue Building Reading is Essential”  A hidden secret in cultivating a living faith and  holy virtue in children. Cathy offers educators and parents a deeper understanding how virtue operates in the human psyche and why reading that cultivates virtue and spiritual imagination is an essential complement to every catechesis program.


“God’s Recycling Program” Cathy uses humor and hands-on materials to show us how God: Reduces our sin, Reuses our gifts, and Recycles us in His image! A lively reminder of God’s continual call to renewal and stewardship of our earthly, and our spiritual, gifts. Includes excerpts from Pope Francis’ new Encyclical Laudatio Si’ and Caryll Houselander’s classic, Reed of God.


ADVENT: “Come to the Manger” Cathy’s Advent meditation, combining the writings of holy mystics and Cathy’s own experiences, brings each character in your Nativity scene to life like never before.   Perfect for an Advent Tea or “Advent By Candlelight” events.


LENT: “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear” How to give up worry, stress and anxiety for Lent. Leave it all at the cross and embrace the Risen Jesus who fills us with JOY surpassing any circumstance. This talk emphasizes how God’s MERCY reaches beyond both our sins and our fears. His love and forgiveness unlocks the holiness and virtue that we long for and that God meant for us.


PARENTS: “Share your Faith with JOY!” Building faith in children can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge. Cathy shows parents how to cultivate their own spiritual JOY…which is the magic bullet in teaching faith and virtue to our children. A great talk to kick off the year for school or PSR parents.


Cathy_Portrait_SmallFile_WideEndearing Student Programs:

CONFIRMATION STUDENTS:  Spiritual Gifts: Your Tools For Growing Tasty Spiritual Fruit.  Personal stories and hands-on activities to help students understand that the Spiritual Gifts are the key to true success in life. God needs the creative talents of the next generation to build His kingdom and bring light to our culture! (7th-8th grade)


PRIMARY GRADES: “Holiness & Virtue : Read it! Write it! Live it!”  Cathy helps children discover that virtue grows from the “inside out”. Virtue needs to grow in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and decisions before it flows genuinely into our actions.

Part One “Read it!”: Cathy invites students to choose virtuous reading to be holy and strong on the inside.

Part Two “Write it!”: Cathy instructs students in creating virtuous stories of their own to inspire others on the inside.

Part Three “Live It!”: She then connects the dots showing that what is inside enables us to live with holiness and virtue (aka: as saints) on the outside! (3rd – 8th)


ADVENT: Little Lamb Finds Christmas Storytime. Author Cathy shows that Jesus’ birthday is the most special part of Christmas. Children learn about the gift of Christmas PEACE as they get active as lions and lambs. Cathy’s  original songs and activity pages extend the children’s spiritual delight. (PK – 2nd Grade)


LENT: Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day Storytime. Children love the way this story’s Easter Bunny shows children that the best JOY of Easter is Jesus! Children find comfort knowing Jesus can take their fears away. With songs and action, Cathy transforms children into pretend “Easter Bunnies” who can share the sweet love of Jesus with everyone!  (Pk – 2nd grade.)


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