bunny mom and kits

Dear Grandpa Bunny,

Did you surprise anyone else?

Hugs,  Little Bunny


Dear Little Bunny,

Yes, actually I did. Since Mamma and Papa now knew what I was up to, they insisted on knowing the rest of my surprise plans…to keep me from creating any other near-disasters. It was kind of fun having them in on it. I discovered they were actually a lot of help. They helped me create brother-sister appreciation day.

One morning, very early, I climbed all over my brothers and sisters, tickling them awake. I announced that I  it was an official “Appreciation Day” for them from me. I had gathered a feast of berries and grasses, and even included some clover and dandelions…all their favorites, just for them! Papa had helped me rig it in a piece of old netting above them while they slept.  So when I pulled on the corner, all of it showered down on them. Mamma called out, “Breakfast in bed children!” and winked at me.

After breakfast, Mamma and I made sure all their work got done while they relaxed. Later, I played the games they chose and I let all the younger bunnies win. I acted like it was a big challenge and loudly moaned my losses. They were so proud. And it was such fun!

By the middle of the day, I had learned something very important. I chose to do something to thank my brothers and sisters in a big and surprising way. After I took the time and effort to show them and tell them, my heart became full of thankful feelings too.  I was so grateful to each of them for all the fun (and love, though I wouldn’t say that part) that they brought into my life.

I thanked God for them too.

So, Little Bunny have you thanked anyone in a surprising way yet?

Deciding to do it and making the plan is the start of the fun, but seeing how the grateful feelings grow between you is the best part.

Thanks God. For giving us the ability to be thankful!



Grandpa Bunny


For the Big Bunnies…

Today’s story highlights the way feelings follow action. Many times our relationships can get stuck in staleness because we don’t act lovingly because we just don’t “feel it.” The irony is that when we act lovingly, the loving feelings do follow.

Perhaps it’s an echo in us of  1John 4:19 “We love, because he first loved us.”