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Peaceable Kingdom Christmas Trivia Game Pic

Peaceable Kingdom Christmas Trivia Game

Fill your holiday Family Game Night with Faith filled FUN!

This Christ centered easy-to-make at home trivia game is fun for all ages.


Go to the Manger Hands-on Advent Calendar

Turn your nativity scene into a prayerful and meaningful hands-on Advent calendar tradition.


Finding Jesus cover page  Finding Jesus! Activity

Click on the title above to download the new “Finding Jesus”  Examination of Conscience Activity. It includes a “Praying the Act of Contrition With Lemi the Lamb” page that can be used any time a child goes to Confession.

“Finding Jesus!” gives children vivid imagery to see themselves as lost lambs when they sin and feel the joy of being found in reconciliation with Jesus.  It’s a perfect way to prepare young hearts for the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time, or any time.

Building on the ideas and images from the beloved storybook, Little Lamb Finds Christmas, this activity gives children a deeper understanding of sin and the good Shepherd’s loving forgiveness. Lemi’s journey from being lost and found, and then finding true peace with Jesus, puts Reconciliation into a personable frame they can easily understand.

Prepare your child for Reconciliation  for the first time or anytime with Lemi the Lamb.  Great for use in the classroom or at home.

coloring pageLittle Lambs Love Jesus Coloring Page

cropped happy laying Lemi

Lamb of God Song & Coloring Page

Mary and baby JesusJesus Came Song

Sing this new song (to the tune of Jingle Bells) that brings Jesus into into that favorite secular Christmas tune.

Jesus holding Lamb close

The Prince of Peace My Shepherd is Song

More activities will continue to be added.

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